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How it all started?

The same day I decided to quite learning biotechnology and food engineering at the Technion in Haifa, I knew that design is the world I've always been attracted to. Billboards, print ads and Creative ideas, specially I focused on television commercials and channels animations, then, I told myself - I want to do such cool stuffs like that, and this is what I want do for a living.

Animation - Love at first sight

Every time I saw a commercial on TV, channels' rebrands or animations, my focus was on the computer work done there. It was a pleasure for me to try learning and figuring out how these things were done, also video editing and color corrections. Promos, intro and outré for programs, animations and packages of motion graphics for TV channels, interactive and typographic animations... all those, were interesting for me ... and pushed me to attempt recreating them, so I can learn the softwares through. 


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